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 8. Klien & Marx on Wealth/Good

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PostSubject: 8. Klien & Marx on Wealth/Good   Thu May 21, 2009 1:57 pm

8. Melanie Klein claims the experience in infancy of a feeling of unity with another person where such unity means being fully understood leads to the development of a securely established good object and that this, in turn, gives the ego a feeling of riches and abundance which allows for an outpouring of libido and projection of good parts of the self into the external world without a sense of depletion arising. The ego can then also feel that it is able to re-introject the love it has given out, as well as take in goodness from other sources, and thus be enriched by the whole process. (Melanie Klein: Collected Writings, vol. III, p. 144) Compare and contrast this idea of the nature, origin and consequences of a feeling of riches and abundance with Marx's idea of true wealth.
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8. Klien & Marx on Wealth/Good
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